3 tips to improve the quality of Facebook ads for lead generation


Facebook paid ads are considered one of the most powerful promotional means that help commercial and service activities to reach potential customers accurately, and as is known to those in charge of e-marketing activities, there are several options for Facebook ads according to the marketing goal, some of which are intended to increase the number of followers, or increase the rate of interaction with publications, and some of them are intended for other marketing goals.

The Lead Generation option is one of the most important options within the marketing objectives of the Facebook Ads Manager platform, as this option helps you create direct ads to collect lead data (name – email address – phone number – …) automatically when they click on the ad.

Here are 3 ways to help you generate high-quality leads with Facebook Ads:

1- Design an attractive offer for potential customers:

The AdEspresso blog published aggregated statistics about Facebook at the end of last year, and among these statistics, it was found that 39% of users follow brand pages to take advantage of their offers.

Therefore, you must be keen to design offers specific to your field of work that benefit potential customers, for example, you can design a weekly bulletin that includes tips related to the optimal use of the products sold by your organization, or how to maintain them, and perform periodic maintenance to extend their lifespan, and the offer may be to obtain an illustrated digital catalog of the latest models of your products.

When you include an attractive offer that adds value to potential customers in Facebook ads, it increases the rate at which they engage with these ads, and their desire to register their data for the offers in those ads.

2- Include data collection fields that are important to you:

When you create Facebook ads for lead generation, you’ll see two fields in the data collection form, one for the customer’s name and the other for their email address, but you can also include fields to collect other data, such as phone number, street address, city, marital status, and other data.

You can also create and add other custom questions to learn more about your potential customers, for example: you can create questions with short answers, or choice questions from multiple answers, and include them in the same form that appears in the ad.

3- Define a clear path to enhance communication:

After you have completed the design of the form dedicated to collecting leads data, you must include a clear call to action on the last page of the form, which appears after the potential customer completes his registration data, it is possible to invite him to visit a specific page on your site or invite him to contact your store or organization by phone for more details, or to obtain additional features or discounts.

Setting a clear communication path is one of the most important things that encourage customers to take the initiative and communicate with brands, thus increasing the chances of acquiring a larger number of customers.



  1. How can I design an attractive offer for potential customers in Facebook ads?
    • Designing an attractive offer involves tailoring it to your audience’s needs. Consider offering valuable content, such as exclusive tips, guides, or discounts, that align with your business’s products or services.
  2. What type of data can I collect through Facebook lead generation ads?
    • While Facebook lead generation ads typically collect name and email address, you can include additional fields like phone number, address, city, and custom questions to gather more specific information about your potential customers.
  3. How can I enhance communication with leads generated through Facebook ads?
    • To enhance communication, provide a clear call-to-action (CTA) on the final page of the lead generation form. This could involve inviting leads to visit your website, contact your organization, or take advantage of special offers or discounts.
  4. Why is it important to define a clear communication path for leads?
    • A clear communication path guides leads towards further engagement with your brand, increasing the likelihood of conversion. By providing clear instructions on what to do next, you facilitate the process for potential customers and encourage them to take action.
  5. What are some examples of custom questions I can include in my Facebook lead generation ads?
    • Custom questions can vary based on your business goals and target audience. Examples include asking about specific product preferences, interests, purchasing intentions, or feedback on past experiences with your brand.


Facebook paid ads offer a powerful tool for reaching potential customers effectively. Among the various options available, Lead Generation stands out for its ability to collect valuable customer data. By crafting attractive offers, including relevant data collection fields, and defining clear communication paths, businesses can generate high-quality leads through Facebook Ads.

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