Top 7 Google Chrome Extensions for Top Online Marketers


Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser, controlling more than 63% of the market share across all platforms, according to the latest statistics of W3Counter.

Apart from the multiple features it supports, such as its fast performance and the security of its user interface, one of the main features of Google Chrome that distinguishes it from other browsers is its support for tens of thousands of extensions that cover practically every user’s needs.

Chrome extensions are many and help you be more productive at the same time, so you do not need to search for programs customized to your needs because you will often find extensions that meet your needs in the Chrome Web Store.

Of course, with so many Chrome add-ons, it can be difficult to know what to use and to help facilitate the choice, the opinion of 37 of the most important online marketing experts was used to reach the best Chrome add-ons.

Here are 8 Chrome task extensions that will help you perform many tasks more quickly:

1- Add Hunter

– Recommended: Anil Agarwal, founder of BloggersPassion,

Finding the email address of someone you want to collaborate with is a difficult task, but the Hunter extension helps you find the email addresses you want from anywhere on the web with just one click.

The Hunter extension is easy to use and all you have to do is install and activate it on the Chrome browser, whenever you visit a website, click on it and it will collect all the data on the site including email addresses, names, job title for each name, social media accounts for each person along with phone numbers (if available on their site).

The extension relies on Domain Search, the most powerful tool to find email addresses related to the website you’re visiting, and it also allows you to verify the email addresses you get.

2- Add LastPass

– Recommended by: Nick Loper, founder of Side Hustle Nation

LastPass is one of the best free password management tools that helps you enhance your online security by generating strong passwords, saving your usernames and passwords to log in at any time safely, and creating new strong passwords when you sign up for sites, and you can also use it on all operating systems and browsers.

You can use this add-on’s security check feature to review passwords and mark weak and duplicate passwords, and this add-on allows you to sync your data for easy access on all your other devices.

3- Add ColorZilla

– Recommended by: Zac Johnson, founder of

The ColorZilla extension allows you to get color codes from any point in your browser quickly by selecting that color and then copying its code into any program or tool dedicated to dealing with colors.

If you use online design tools like Canva to design quick graphics, sometimes you need to get the color code to match the color of a particular part of the design. Instead of opening different software tools and trying to find a matching color, this extension helps you get it in a matter of seconds, just click on the extension icon and select the color you are looking for, then copy the color code anywhere you want.

4- Add Lifetime Software Deals

– Recommended: Nico Prins, founder of Launch Space

The Lifetime Software Deals plugin helps you get instant notifications when a lifetime software deal is launched or there is a discount on prices for software on sites like AppSumo, StackSocial, Mighty Deals, ProductHunt, or in private Facebook groups, and more.

This add-on helps you save time by following all sites in one place getting instant notifications as soon as a live offer appears, and saving money by getting programs at special prices.

5- Add Dashlane

– Recommended by: Harsh Agrawal, founder of Shout Me Loud

Dashlane is one of the best password manager add-ons, used by more than 8 million users around the world, and helps you store and manage your passwords safely while browsing the Internet.

This add-on allows you to automatically log in to websites within seconds, get unique and secure passwords for each of your accounts, and sync your data with all the browsers you use to make it easier to access your passwords anytime, anywhere.

6- Add Right Inbox

– Recommended by: David Campbell, a member of the Voila Norbert team

The Right Inbox extension integrates seamlessly with your Gmail account and allows you to schedule emails for later, through which you can set reminders on conversations this feature is very important so that you do not lose the path of important conversations, and you can also create recurring emails.

It can be difficult to schedule an email to be delivered to a potential customer in another country for timely delivery, so this add-on allows you to easily select the Timezone Support time zone setting.

7- Add One Tab

– Recommended: Alex Yong works as a reporter for Small Business Trends

There is no doubt that increasing the number of open tabs on your browser affects memory consumption and leads to slow device performance, and here you can resort to adding OneTab to turn all open tabs in your browser into a list, and when you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once, thus saving up to 95% of memory because you will reduce the number of open tabs in the Google Chrome browser.


Google Chrome’s dominance in the web browser market is underscored by its extensive features and robust support for tens of thousands of extensions, catering to diverse user needs. The abundance of Chrome extensions available on the Chrome Web Store empowers users to enhance productivity and streamline tasks effortlessly. To aid users in navigating this vast ecosystem of Chrome extensions, insights from top online marketing experts were leveraged to curate a list of eight task-specific extensions. From simplifying email outreach with Hunter to optimizing password management with LastPass, these extensions offer invaluable assistance in various aspects of daily online activities. By harnessing the power of these Chrome extensions, users can maximize their efficiency and elevate their browsing experience to new heights.

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